So I weighed in last week. I think the pure shock of my weigh in made me 'forget' to post my weight.

I had lost 3.6 Lbs for the week i didn't weigh in (2 weeks).
-14.2 Lbs with Weight Watchers


I sound like a broken record. I am still a little scared this week as i went to the CNE on Saturday and ate all I wanted too. This included a Chicken shwarma with all the trimming, all the free goodie handouts ( Sweetend cranberries...ect...) And FUNNEL CAKE WITH ALL THE TOPPINGS! ( I ate 1/2 all by myself!)

Yesterday I had a ton of cheese popcorn and a LARGE chocolate/ caramel cream egg. OUCH! The sad thing was i couldn't reallly enjoy the egg because I KNEW that i shouldn't have been eatting it.

Lesson learned: Eat what I know wont make me feel guilty about. Make it WORTH the points!


It's been 12 whole days since my last post and a lot has happened!
The Camping trip was great! It was super hard to stick to my WW points and I'll tell ya why. First things first, hubby forgot to bring my low fat chicken slices, he bought reg ones. Then after the first night I woke up to my WW bagela being stolen and eatten by a critter in the middle of the night.. They ate the bagels and left the bag it came in.  BOO!

I had some naughty list foods - Chicken fried in BUTTER! Yeah...... soo...... um....  It was good at least.

I had 2 large smore sandwiches and another 2 after we got home on Sunday...They were REALLY good!

I didn't weigh in last week as I took two days off to attend FanExpo at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

I did a ton of walking and ate mostly well. One night we went for burgers and i got a double beef burger with spicy chilli fries! I just hope all the walking I did burned it off!

My next weigh in is in 2 days. I'm not really looking orward to this one. I dont think I lost anything. PLEASE!!! I just hope i didn't gain!...  if i did, i will just go back to the basics and cont my path with


I am proud of myself this week. Not just because of my loss. But because of my new ability to push myself. This week I came across a work out DVD that we bought a long time ago. Still un opened. The the workout 'guru' name is Kathy Smith.  I haven't heard of her before but thought i would give the DVD a try. Not only did i just give it a try... I used it 5 times this week!!!

Before my first atempt, i thought that working out would be a chore and that i would have to push myself to do somthing I didn't find fun... But iIwas so wrong! Not only have a planed a 'special' time for me to do my workouts, but i look forward to do them! My special time is after i put Nathan to bed. I get the area in front of my read by moving the coffee table out of the way and pick up random toys off the floor.  A couple of times I have missed a few small toys and stepped on some little Lego peices while doing my workout .. OUCH!

So now for my weigh-in:
Loss this week:-2.2 Lbs
Total Loss starting WW: 10.6 Lbs
Total loss from the heavest I have EVER been: 40.6 Lbs !!!!!!

Today's a good day. I will be going to a horror movie with my brother tonight and plan on treating myself to a small bag of movie popcorn! Yum!

Tomorrow after work Dennis and I have planned to take a nice little camping trip with Nathan and another couple and their son for 2 nights. Dennis and I are celebrating out 6th year wedding anniversary on Saturday. Maybe i'll suprise him and bring up a bottle of wine :o)
I'm a litte scared about keeping on the WW plan while camping. I have packed up 2 WW oatmeals and a few little 3 pt snacks... but not sure how I will plan my meals since we will be cokking for 6 people and i am the only one trying to watch what i eat... I will try my best. But I will also treat myself. After all, what's a camping trip without some nice hot sticky gooey smores?

Just a little short post today....

Week 3: -1.0
Total : -8.4 Lbs

I am happy! After those 2 days of BBQ and party, I am happy that I was able to go right back to tracking my intake and watching what I eat.

In a weird way, i feel almost sad that it wasn't more. (I know... you wanna kill me!)The last 2 weeks I lost 7.4 Lbs! and both weeks were large losses. I know I have to get out of the mind set of thinking I will lose that much every week. The healthy avg weight loss is 1-2Lbs a week. Don't get me wrong: Yes I am still happy. I was just 'dreaming' that it would be more. 

Next step: keep doing what I have been doing.

Any loss is a step in the RIGHT direction.

This weekend I had two events to go to...

The first one took place on Friday night. I went to my brothers BBQ and watched two Conan movies. I had 2 beef burger patties ( No buns), 2 Chicken hot dogs ( No Bun), a spoon full of potato and maccaroni salad and a small green salad. I also had an orange and a WHOLE bag of CheeCha puffs  'chips'(the bag is worth 10 WW pts). CheeCha Puffs are like  a chip, but it's puffed potato. Less fat and calories. I made 24 cupcakes for the BBQ and was very proud that I didn't have any! Woohoo!

On Saturday I went to a little girls birthday party. I have 3 very small peices of BBQ chicken, some salad, a few spicy shrimps, a scoop of pasta salad and 2 alcohol drinks. I also had a glass of some special west indies drink made with a boiled bark and sugar... (YIKES!!) I stayed away from all chips, ice cream and cake. So I was good staying away from the sweets again.. ( My weakness!)

On Sunday I made myself a 4 pt sandwich for lunch  and some cauliflower.
I boiled the fresh Cauliflower and them mashed up like mashed potato. Then I added 2 light Laughing Cow cheese and it gave it a great taste!
Also on Saturday I enjoyed a Weight Watchers Strawberry Banana fruit smoothy from the box. It's 2pts if made with water. I also added a few cubes of ice and a whole banana.. It was better then I expected! And it filled a large glass. The following picture is the smoothy next to a 1L bottle of my Crystal light ice tea. It will show you how much it made!
Now that the Food filled weekend is over.. it's time to hope back on track.
I will be shocked if iIlost any weight this week. All I wish is that i don't gain any!!!

End of Week 2
Lost: -4.0 LBS this week
Total: -7.4 Lbs in 2 weeks!!!

I don't have much to talk about.. I did have a loss on the scale. A good one.
I came back to my desk after my WW meeting ( I do WW at work) and i 'celebrated' by eatting somthing I shouldn't have. One of the girls at work brought in some dessert she makes with full fat Yogurt, condenced Milk, canned fruit in syurp and young coconut strips.... I had 2 FULL cups! I feel like a bloated pig. I haven't been this full since I started  WW.  I feel like crap. I will know NOW that I am not to celebrate with food. I should celebrate with ANYTHING else other then food. My addiction called and I answered. I will NOT make this mistake again.

I am so happy and proud of my loss so far. I shouldn't get too a head of myself. There is still a long way to lose the weight, and an ever harder time keeping it off.

From my weight now and at my heavest... I am down a total of

Gotta keep my eye on the prize: A healthy me.


It's the day before my second week weigh-in and I must admit, i'm a little scared.

A couple of weeks ago I placed an order for fresh Roti. 12 of them. Last friday they were ready and I had a friend drop them off. In the WW books, there is no Points plus value for Roti. I just guessed and gave it a 10 points plus value. ( I have a feeling it is even more then that...) Over this week i must have had 4 roti's with my version of Paella ( crushed tomatos, 2.5 cups brown rice, 2 color bell peppers, muchrooms, chicken, cauliflower, diced baby carrots....)
The 'Paella' lasted about 5 meals. Full of veggie and chicken. Good stuff!

I just hope the last 3 days of REALLY watching what I eat paid off on the scale!!!

*Bites fingernails*

Took my son to Baskin Robins on the weekend. He had a Cotton Candy kiddy scoop in a chocolate cone. I wanted an icecream to. After I bought his, I scanned the tubs of icecream and found the lowest calorie treat. It was a low fat Pinapple and coconut yogurt. I bought myself a kiddy scoop in a cup. Went i got back home I entered the Nutrition Facts into my Points Plus calculator and it was only 3 pp!!! I was able to share a nice outting with my son AND enjoy in the goodies as well!! I felt good because I didn't deprive myself. I just made a better choice.

Breafast: WW Brown Sugar Oatmeal (3pp).

Lunch: Low fat chicken burger meat ( 4pp) on a WW bagel (3pp) with mustard and lettus. With 2 cups of cooked green beans ( 0 pp)

Snacks: 1 mango (0 pp), 15 Baby carrots (0 pp),2 Kiwi (0 pp), WW Ginger Snaps cookes (3pp)

Dinner: Haven't planned that yet..  But if it's low in points, I think I will have a Snack Pack low calorie chocolate pudding (2pp) and MAYBE some air popcorn for dessert!

Wish me luck tomorrow!

Let me first start off by saying... WOOHOO! I had a great weigh-in this week.
Before I tell you how much I lost, I will tell you about my week.

I stayed focused and tracked everything I ate. EVERYTHING!

Some of my meals: LF = Low Fat
 Stir fry veggies, brown rice and Chicken
 Weight Watchers bagel with low fat chicken deli and lettus and mustard.
Weight Watchers oatmeal (every breakfast)
Fresh fruit
Snack Pack no fat jello ( 0 Pts!!)
home made lasagna using Zuccini instead of noodles. (LF ground chicken, LF Mozza cheese, LF Ricotta, Bell peppers, Muchrooms, Spinach, Crushed tomatoes) SUPER YUM!

I even had a couple of chalenges. I went to the zoo and was worried about what to eat..... So i packed my lunch and didn't have to be worried about temptation.

I also had a lunch date with a friend at work and we went out to  Caseys Bar and Grill. I bought a Bud Light beer ( about 6 pts) and the 1/2 Chicken meal. Substituted the french friend with steamed  veggies. I ate 1/2 of the chicken on my [plate and saved the other 1/2 for a later meal. chicken and saved the other 1/2 for later. ( For $2 more I got the 1/2 chicken instead of 1/4 chicken meal. WIN!)

Stayed away from desserts and over eatting. If i snacked, I had fruit, veggies or popcorn.

My weight loss this week is....

-3.4LBS!!! TA DA!

I feel lighter already.Hard work paid off.

My Week 2 goal:
-Lose at least 1.6 LBS so I can get my 5LBS star at the next meeting!!
-Get more fun in fitness!

Wish me luck!

Yesterday was my big day! First 'official' weigh-in at Weight Watchers. Since I had started my diet 2.5 weeks ago, i have lost 4.5 Lbs ( according to the WW scale - WW starting weight) I am very happy so far. I am seeing results and I am possitivly motivated. One of my biggest problems in the past with losing weight is keeping that same level of motivation. I will have to find ways to keep myself satisfied and strong inside as well at out. Mind over matter.

Since trying to lose weight starting the end of last spring, I have lost a total of 30 LBS (YAY me!) I will from not on only weigh myself on my WW meeting days. I have been trying to weigh myself EVERYDAY and it's starting to get a little obsessive. This week, I will commit to ONLY weigh myself at my second Weight Watchers meeting next Thursday. * Crosses Fingers* I hope I can hold back from the temptation!

I started today by eatting a Weight Watchers Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal cup (3 Pts.), 1 cup of skim milk (2 pts.) and a peach. Nice satisfying breakfast. I bought the oatmeal at my WW meeting. They are currently on sale until Aug 6th. They are normally 4 cups for $10, sale price is $5. I bought 2 packs so it will serve as my go-to breakfast item. The taste of the oatmeal is very sweet. I added more water as i dont like my oatmeal thick.

For lunch, I have packed some chicken (cooked in a little Olive Oil) 6 Pts, on a spring mix salad with fresh green and red peppers - 0 Pts, and a greek vinergarette (3tbs - 1 Pt.)

Planned Snacks:
one additional Peach - 0Pts.
1/2 a bag of popcorn - 4 Pts.

Not sure what I will have for Dinner yet. But i am left with  17 points remaining.

Maybe I will have some more chicken on a WW bagel with some lettus, tomato, and green cut olives..... Yum......... 


I will makes some whole wheat pasta with veggies and chicken......

The options are endless!!!

Tomorrow I will join the Weight Watchers at my work. I'm looking forward to learning more about their Plus Points program.

To prepare myself, I have bought some  Low Sugar, Low carb, Low Fat Low everything - diet items to get me started.

I picked up two WW items. One is a pack of whole wheat wraps. 2 Points each. The other is a pack of whole wheat bagels. 3 Points each.  Along with some veggies, I also picked Sanck Pack Juicy Gels. Each are 5 calories, No fat, No carbs, No fiber.  0 points.  Just toss it in your purse and your good to go!