Just a little short post today....

Week 3: -1.0
Total : -8.4 Lbs

I am happy! After those 2 days of BBQ and party, I am happy that I was able to go right back to tracking my intake and watching what I eat.

In a weird way, i feel almost sad that it wasn't more. (I know... you wanna kill me!)The last 2 weeks I lost 7.4 Lbs! and both weeks were large losses. I know I have to get out of the mind set of thinking I will lose that much every week. The healthy avg weight loss is 1-2Lbs a week. Don't get me wrong: Yes I am still happy. I was just 'dreaming' that it would be more. 

Next step: keep doing what I have been doing.

Any loss is a step in the RIGHT direction.


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