This weekend I had two events to go to...

The first one took place on Friday night. I went to my brothers BBQ and watched two Conan movies. I had 2 beef burger patties ( No buns), 2 Chicken hot dogs ( No Bun), a spoon full of potato and maccaroni salad and a small green salad. I also had an orange and a WHOLE bag of CheeCha puffs  'chips'(the bag is worth 10 WW pts). CheeCha Puffs are like  a chip, but it's puffed potato. Less fat and calories. I made 24 cupcakes for the BBQ and was very proud that I didn't have any! Woohoo!

On Saturday I went to a little girls birthday party. I have 3 very small peices of BBQ chicken, some salad, a few spicy shrimps, a scoop of pasta salad and 2 alcohol drinks. I also had a glass of some special west indies drink made with a boiled bark and sugar... (YIKES!!) I stayed away from all chips, ice cream and cake. So I was good staying away from the sweets again.. ( My weakness!)

On Sunday I made myself a 4 pt sandwich for lunch  and some cauliflower.
I boiled the fresh Cauliflower and them mashed up like mashed potato. Then I added 2 light Laughing Cow cheese and it gave it a great taste!
Also on Saturday I enjoyed a Weight Watchers Strawberry Banana fruit smoothy from the box. It's 2pts if made with water. I also added a few cubes of ice and a whole banana.. It was better then I expected! And it filled a large glass. The following picture is the smoothy next to a 1L bottle of my Crystal light ice tea. It will show you how much it made!
Now that the Food filled weekend is over.. it's time to hope back on track.
I will be shocked if iIlost any weight this week. All I wish is that i don't gain any!!!


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