Let me first start off by saying... WOOHOO! I had a great weigh-in this week.
Before I tell you how much I lost, I will tell you about my week.

I stayed focused and tracked everything I ate. EVERYTHING!

Some of my meals: LF = Low Fat
 Stir fry veggies, brown rice and Chicken
 Weight Watchers bagel with low fat chicken deli and lettus and mustard.
Weight Watchers oatmeal (every breakfast)
Fresh fruit
Snack Pack no fat jello ( 0 Pts!!)
home made lasagna using Zuccini instead of noodles. (LF ground chicken, LF Mozza cheese, LF Ricotta, Bell peppers, Muchrooms, Spinach, Crushed tomatoes) SUPER YUM!

I even had a couple of chalenges. I went to the zoo and was worried about what to eat..... So i packed my lunch and didn't have to be worried about temptation.

I also had a lunch date with a friend at work and we went out to  Caseys Bar and Grill. I bought a Bud Light beer ( about 6 pts) and the 1/2 Chicken meal. Substituted the french friend with steamed  veggies. I ate 1/2 of the chicken on my [plate and saved the other 1/2 for a later meal. chicken and saved the other 1/2 for later. ( For $2 more I got the 1/2 chicken instead of 1/4 chicken meal. WIN!)

Stayed away from desserts and over eatting. If i snacked, I had fruit, veggies or popcorn.

My weight loss this week is....

-3.4LBS!!! TA DA!

I feel lighter already.Hard work paid off.

My Week 2 goal:
-Lose at least 1.6 LBS so I can get my 5LBS star at the next meeting!!
-Get more fun in fitness!

Wish me luck!


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