Yesterday was my weekly weigh-in. These weigh-in's really keep me in check. They push me to keep going. They push me to do more walking on the weekends and to do my leg lifts everynight.

Some weeks I lose more then others, and thankfully I haven't had a week I gained!

Typically i weigh myself every Monday morning. Before I eat or drink anything. Mondays are also the first day of my new week.  

I am down another -5.7 lbs!!!!

Grand total of 20.5 Lbs down in 6 weeks!

I can do anything!

Yesterday was my weekly weigh-in. I was possitive I was going to put on pounds. Not that I was eatting unhealthy, but i felt extra hungry this week. My portion size were up and I felt like a heffer.  One of the main things that keeps me going every week is seeing my number go down every Monday. It proves what I have been doing to stay healthy has been working. It's like a pat on the back. It's a huge breath of fresh air. It keeps me strong.

A few mins before my weigh-in, I was scared. What if I did put on weight from my last weigh-in? How would i take it? Will I start to give up? Is it worth it?

Sweat started to bead on my forehead. I steped up on the scale and took a leap of faith... I held my breath.

I am down another -0.6Lbs!!!  A small victory! I am down 1/2 a pound. I know it's not much, but I know how hard it has been for me to lose it. That brings my total to 14.8LBS weight LOSS..

Almost 15 lbs gone and I am very proud.


Later that day I went to see 2 movies from the Toronto After Dark Film Fest. The first movie was The Last Excorcist. It was a
grat movie. Very creepy and well acted. Great supporting cast with larger then life personalities not only on screen......

The producer, Eli Roth and 2 cast members were on hand for a Q & A!

The second movie was called Alien Vs Ninja. It's a VERY funny flick with cheesy one liners and horrid acting, but totaly re-deemed itself with it's wildly entertaining martial arts sequences. Top notch action! Who wouldn't want to see Aliens and Ninjas with a little zombie action tossed into the fun.
The only think it was missing from the movie was little gummy theiy were in the movie too....

I have GAINED a new crush....
I *Heart* Eil Roth
Lastnight after swimming with the family, dinner, cleanup and Nathan's bed time routine I sat infront of the T.V itching to do some makeup. I always feel at peace when I have my tools of the trade spread out like a thanksgiving feast. Pigments. Blushes. Shadows. Foundations. Gloss...

When I 'play' with my makeup, it gives me a release of the day I just endured and washes a calm over me. I get to try new things and mix colors. I do whatever i feel like doing at the time. I use different brand, textures, shades and mix them up. Not all my creations turn out well. It's trail and error. It's a learning process. You are never too old or too expirenced to continue learning. Infact, the best of the best ARE the best because they know the world is ever changing and learn with the times.

I buy beauty books, surf youtube, go to other beauty blogs and try to pay attention to the influence of other cultures. There are so many resources out their to help you excel at what you do.  You just have to hold out your hand and take hold......

Keep Hanging  On....

I went to my parents house yesterday to do my weekly weigh in.

*Note to Self- Need to buy a scale*

Another 4.5 LBS gone this week, for a grand total of 11 lbs gone in 3 weeks!
It feels so good that all my effort and hard work is paying off. This weight loss isn't just to look good - it's to FEEL good. To have energy to play with Nathan. To really enjoy life.
*Pats myself on the back*

Monday I was off work as it being a Civic holiday! YAY! Dennis and I took Nathan to see the movie Despicable Me. It was his first time going to the movies. I was so proud. He wasn't his normally loud self! Most of the time he sated in his seat and his munched on his kids combo - Juice, popcorn and a Kinder Suprize egg. He only spilled his popcorn once and droped 1/2 of his chocolate egg.  After the movie we were all walking hand in hand (Nathan in the middle) and Nathan looked up and said " Thank You! That was fun!" LOL I almost died! What a big man he's becomming! 

After the movie we went to Casey's, Dennis and Nathan shared a slice of cake and I had.....a chicken noodel soup! Remember- I am on a diet!

It was a nice day!