I went to my parents house yesterday to do my weekly weigh in.

*Note to Self- Need to buy a scale*

Another 4.5 LBS gone this week, for a grand total of 11 lbs gone in 3 weeks!
It feels so good that all my effort and hard work is paying off. This weight loss isn't just to look good - it's to FEEL good. To have energy to play with Nathan. To really enjoy life.
*Pats myself on the back*

Monday I was off work as it being a Civic holiday! YAY! Dennis and I took Nathan to see the movie Despicable Me. It was his first time going to the movies. I was so proud. He wasn't his normally loud self! Most of the time he sated in his seat and his munched on his kids combo - Juice, popcorn and a Kinder Suprize egg. He only spilled his popcorn once and droped 1/2 of his chocolate egg.  After the movie we were all walking hand in hand (Nathan in the middle) and Nathan looked up and said " Thank You! That was fun!" LOL I almost died! What a big man he's becomming! 

After the movie we went to Casey's, Dennis and Nathan shared a slice of cake and I had.....a chicken noodel soup! Remember- I am on a diet!

It was a nice day!

6/27/2012 08:39:42 pm

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