Loss: -1.2LBS , Total loss -3.2LBS

Down a total of 3.2 Lbs Not too bad for two weeks.  Not a huge loss but my weight still went down and not up. I spoke to my friend Erica. She has joined Weight Watchers. I have been on weither Watchers before and find it great. I have all my old WW bookd and info, but i have hear they have changed their point system a little. Some poods have a different point value and I have heard you have a new daily point target. My work has a Weight Watchers program, so on Thursday, I plan to join  for the remainder 9 week in the 26 week session. After that, I hope to continue the WW system on my own without having to pay to attend the sessions.

Not a horrible week. I did have a 'few' cookies and cupcakes this week. But I tried to drink lots of Crystal Light water and tried to not eat late in the night.

Week 3 Goal:
#1:Focus on saying NO to desserts - If I have the urge to snack, I will reach for a fruit or popcorn.
#2: Prepare my lunches ahead of time. If will save me money from buying my lunches at work and I can plan what I will eat and snack on daily. It will save me from temptation!


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