Last year I came across a little book called The Hunger Games. I fell in LOVE with the book!

It reminds me of a rated 'R' movie called Battle Royal. It's a asian horror movie about a group of grade 9's kidnaped from a school trip and forced to battle eachother to the death. The ones how have kidnapped these are non other then the Govenment.

Anyhoo, enough about Battle Royal.... back to The Hunger Game..
Movie comes out March 23, 2012. I hope they don't butcher it! I would like to see it be given a "A" rating and not just a "PG" rating. I would like to see a little blood and gore.

-Gore Whore aka. Sharon
7/27/2012 08:25:29 am

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8/2/2012 01:04:43 am

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