My weight is like a bouncing yoyo. In the summer time i enjoy walking and keeping a little more active. As winter draws near, I become like a bear - eat and hybernate. Don't even get me started talking about my eatting habits at Christmas (aka the WHOLE month of December).... Let me sum up my Christmas..... I see it- I eat it. Nuff said.
Last year i started to diet and lost a total of 34LBS before that evil month long feast in December. I stopped my diet so i could really 'enjoy' the holidays. Well.... Holidays came and went. But i didn't jump on the bandwagon again. I am not sure why i didn't go back to eatting better.  I have 'only' put on 8LBS since Christmas.. YIKES! My body feels tired and worn. My energy is gone by 3pm. I don't want to die young.

I have a supportive husband and an active child who will help keep me on my toes...

Now I am ready to start again. This is somthing that I need to do for myself. I need to take control of my life again.
I would like to lose a lot of weight, but I will remind myself to celebrate the milestones! 

I invite you to  come along on this  journey and maybe you will find the power to take control over your life.

Please post any helpfull hints, cooking tricks,  recipes, advice or even a few possitive words to help keep me going!


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