Just a little note... down -3.4lbs this week!! This was a GOOD week!
Desserts are one of my #1 complaints since I have been watcheing what I eat.
I made this little Breakfast up one day and by accendent - it turned into a dessert!

I won't give you measurements since i never measure this.

In a blender pour skim milk, one large banana and a lot of frozen strawberries.
Blend together until VERY thick and it can barely mix in the blender.
There! you have a breakfast Smoothy!

Now here is the dessert part: Just stick it in the freezer! Now you have just made a healthy frozen dessert!! When everyone else is having icecream, scoop yourself some and join in the fun

Picture time! I know it's not a 'FULL BODY' shot but I am normally the one to take all the pictures. Where ever I go, i have my camera in my hand. I will post more pictures. Maybe you will see a full body shot :P
I am trying to lose those pesky last 10 pounds and it's been rough. I am so proud of myself and what i have done to get this far. I am down a total of  85Lbs. in the last 2 years. ( 55 lbs down with weight watchers. 30 on my own).

I will post a picture soon!

Thanks for following me on my journey! This will be a life long commetment and I am sure my weight will be up and down all my life. I will make sure it will NEVER get as high as it was bef
This picture was take today at work. I will post a full shot of me at a later time. 80LBS DOWN!!!! BOOYA! 
Yes.  I am still here and winning my weight loss battle.

As of Feb 23, 2012  i am down a total of 50.4 LBS with Weight Watchers.
I am a GRAND TOTAL of 80LBS down!!

 I am 14lbs away from my goal weight.

This week has been rough. I pigged out on the weekend and again today.
I think I might be up a couple of pounds, but maybe i will lose it by Thursday.. Only 3 days away.

Wish me luck!

Last week I went down -.4Lbs. I am now down a total of 32.4LBS since joining WW... and a GRAND total of 62LBS down! WOOHOO!

Last week I was REALLY happy. .4 is not a whole heck of a huge loss, but during the week I ate things that I really shouldn't have. Fried Chinese food, a FEW slices of chocolate cake that Nathan ( my son) and I made for Dennis ( Hubby)... Chips..... Mac & Cheese and the list goes on and on.... My weight COULD have gone up, but it didn't. I was lucky. Maybe next time it will.

This week is getting to be last last week. I think I have hit a bump in the road. I am VERY proud of what I have been able to do, and people are noticing me! Why after getting all of this positive attention, do I feel like this?

Maybe it's just a little rough patch I'm going through and I will be back to my old self in a couple of weeks. I will push through this ( whatever 'this' is) because i KNOW that I am doind what's best for my body and my life




Last week on Sept 29...I did it...

I hit my 10% weight loss.. ( plus an extra pound...) A total of 22Lbs gone in 10 weeks!

I was so proud. I was given my WW keychain at the meeting and my other weightloss 'sister's clapped for me. It was a fine moment.

This week I have been watching my points like a mad woman! I have had this extra boost of confidance. I am SURE I will have a loss this week. I don't think it will be a huge loss. Those days are done. I feel my body is adjesting to the food plan and I fear that I will have a plateau soon. I must find ways to push past it and con't moving.

3 LBS away from getting my 25Lbs key chain 'charm' I hope I get it in the next couple of weeks. That would rock my socks!

The last time i posted was 2 weeks ago. I guess I got a little lazy with my posting.

Last weeks weigh-in ( Sept 15th) I lost -0.8 Lbs. Not a large loss, but in the right direction. i was still very happy. I eat a few things that made me stray off the plan a bit. But i still tried to do some workouts at home, udeing a DVD.

This week ( Sept 22)  i lost -3.2!! WOOHOO! After having a couple of slices of pizza and making ( and eatting) fudge.... i was so thrilled!!

I am now 0.2 lbs away from losing 10% of my body weight ( at weight watchers).

When you lose 10%, they give you a key chain. Just a little motivation to keep going... Nice.

Weight Watchers loss: -20.8Lbs
Total weight loss ( from my heavest): -50.6 Lbs!!!