The last time i posted was 2 weeks ago. I guess I got a little lazy with my posting.

Last weeks weigh-in ( Sept 15th) I lost -0.8 Lbs. Not a large loss, but in the right direction. i was still very happy. I eat a few things that made me stray off the plan a bit. But i still tried to do some workouts at home, udeing a DVD.

This week ( Sept 22)  i lost -3.2!! WOOHOO! After having a couple of slices of pizza and making ( and eatting) fudge.... i was so thrilled!!

I am now 0.2 lbs away from losing 10% of my body weight ( at weight watchers).

When you lose 10%, they give you a key chain. Just a little motivation to keep going... Nice.

Weight Watchers loss: -20.8Lbs
Total weight loss ( from my heavest): -50.6 Lbs!!!


So I weighed in last week. I think the pure shock of my weigh in made me 'forget' to post my weight.

I had lost 3.6 Lbs for the week i didn't weigh in (2 weeks).
-14.2 Lbs with Weight Watchers


I sound like a broken record. I am still a little scared this week as i went to the CNE on Saturday and ate all I wanted too. This included a Chicken shwarma with all the trimming, all the free goodie handouts ( Sweetend cranberries...ect...) And FUNNEL CAKE WITH ALL THE TOPPINGS! ( I ate 1/2 all by myself!)

Yesterday I had a ton of cheese popcorn and a LARGE chocolate/ caramel cream egg. OUCH! The sad thing was i couldn't reallly enjoy the egg because I KNEW that i shouldn't have been eatting it.

Lesson learned: Eat what I know wont make me feel guilty about. Make it WORTH the points!