Let me first start off by saying... WOOHOO! I had a great weigh-in this week.
Before I tell you how much I lost, I will tell you about my week.

I stayed focused and tracked everything I ate. EVERYTHING!

Some of my meals: LF = Low Fat
 Stir fry veggies, brown rice and Chicken
 Weight Watchers bagel with low fat chicken deli and lettus and mustard.
Weight Watchers oatmeal (every breakfast)
Fresh fruit
Snack Pack no fat jello ( 0 Pts!!)
home made lasagna using Zuccini instead of noodles. (LF ground chicken, LF Mozza cheese, LF Ricotta, Bell peppers, Muchrooms, Spinach, Crushed tomatoes) SUPER YUM!

I even had a couple of chalenges. I went to the zoo and was worried about what to eat..... So i packed my lunch and didn't have to be worried about temptation.

I also had a lunch date with a friend at work and we went out to  Caseys Bar and Grill. I bought a Bud Light beer ( about 6 pts) and the 1/2 Chicken meal. Substituted the french friend with steamed  veggies. I ate 1/2 of the chicken on my [plate and saved the other 1/2 for a later meal. chicken and saved the other 1/2 for later. ( For $2 more I got the 1/2 chicken instead of 1/4 chicken meal. WIN!)

Stayed away from desserts and over eatting. If i snacked, I had fruit, veggies or popcorn.

My weight loss this week is....

-3.4LBS!!! TA DA!

I feel lighter already.Hard work paid off.

My Week 2 goal:
-Lose at least 1.6 LBS so I can get my 5LBS star at the next meeting!!
-Get more fun in fitness!

Wish me luck!

Yesterday was my big day! First 'official' weigh-in at Weight Watchers. Since I had started my diet 2.5 weeks ago, i have lost 4.5 Lbs ( according to the WW scale - WW starting weight) I am very happy so far. I am seeing results and I am possitivly motivated. One of my biggest problems in the past with losing weight is keeping that same level of motivation. I will have to find ways to keep myself satisfied and strong inside as well at out. Mind over matter.

Since trying to lose weight starting the end of last spring, I have lost a total of 30 LBS (YAY me!) I will from not on only weigh myself on my WW meeting days. I have been trying to weigh myself EVERYDAY and it's starting to get a little obsessive. This week, I will commit to ONLY weigh myself at my second Weight Watchers meeting next Thursday. * Crosses Fingers* I hope I can hold back from the temptation!

I started today by eatting a Weight Watchers Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal cup (3 Pts.), 1 cup of skim milk (2 pts.) and a peach. Nice satisfying breakfast. I bought the oatmeal at my WW meeting. They are currently on sale until Aug 6th. They are normally 4 cups for $10, sale price is $5. I bought 2 packs so it will serve as my go-to breakfast item. The taste of the oatmeal is very sweet. I added more water as i dont like my oatmeal thick.

For lunch, I have packed some chicken (cooked in a little Olive Oil) 6 Pts, on a spring mix salad with fresh green and red peppers - 0 Pts, and a greek vinergarette (3tbs - 1 Pt.)

Planned Snacks:
one additional Peach - 0Pts.
1/2 a bag of popcorn - 4 Pts.

Not sure what I will have for Dinner yet. But i am left with  17 points remaining.

Maybe I will have some more chicken on a WW bagel with some lettus, tomato, and green cut olives..... Yum......... 


I will makes some whole wheat pasta with veggies and chicken......

The options are endless!!!

Tomorrow I will join the Weight Watchers at my work. I'm looking forward to learning more about their Plus Points program.

To prepare myself, I have bought some  Low Sugar, Low carb, Low Fat Low everything - diet items to get me started.

I picked up two WW items. One is a pack of whole wheat wraps. 2 Points each. The other is a pack of whole wheat bagels. 3 Points each.  Along with some veggies, I also picked Sanck Pack Juicy Gels. Each are 5 calories, No fat, No carbs, No fiber.  0 points.  Just toss it in your purse and your good to go!


Loss: -1.2LBS , Total loss -3.2LBS

Down a total of 3.2 Lbs Not too bad for two weeks.  Not a huge loss but my weight still went down and not up. I spoke to my friend Erica. She has joined Weight Watchers. I have been on weither Watchers before and find it great. I have all my old WW bookd and info, but i have hear they have changed their point system a little. Some poods have a different point value and I have heard you have a new daily point target. My work has a Weight Watchers program, so on Thursday, I plan to join  for the remainder 9 week in the 26 week session. After that, I hope to continue the WW system on my own without having to pay to attend the sessions.

Not a horrible week. I did have a 'few' cookies and cupcakes this week. But I tried to drink lots of Crystal Light water and tried to not eat late in the night.

Week 3 Goal:
#1:Focus on saying NO to desserts - If I have the urge to snack, I will reach for a fruit or popcorn.
#2: Prepare my lunches ahead of time. If will save me money from buying my lunches at work and I can plan what I will eat and snack on daily. It will save me from temptation!

My weight is like a bouncing yoyo. In the summer time i enjoy walking and keeping a little more active. As winter draws near, I become like a bear - eat and hybernate. Don't even get me started talking about my eatting habits at Christmas (aka the WHOLE month of December).... Let me sum up my Christmas..... I see it- I eat it. Nuff said.
Last year i started to diet and lost a total of 34LBS before that evil month long feast in December. I stopped my diet so i could really 'enjoy' the holidays. Well.... Holidays came and went. But i didn't jump on the bandwagon again. I am not sure why i didn't go back to eatting better.  I have 'only' put on 8LBS since Christmas.. YIKES! My body feels tired and worn. My energy is gone by 3pm. I don't want to die young.

I have a supportive husband and an active child who will help keep me on my toes...

Now I am ready to start again. This is somthing that I need to do for myself. I need to take control of my life again.
I would like to lose a lot of weight, but I will remind myself to celebrate the milestones! 

I invite you to  come along on this  journey and maybe you will find the power to take control over your life.

Please post any helpfull hints, cooking tricks,  recipes, advice or even a few possitive words to help keep me going!