Last week on Sept 29...I did it...

I hit my 10% weight loss.. ( plus an extra pound...) A total of 22Lbs gone in 10 weeks!

I was so proud. I was given my WW keychain at the meeting and my other weightloss 'sister's clapped for me. It was a fine moment.

This week I have been watching my points like a mad woman! I have had this extra boost of confidance. I am SURE I will have a loss this week. I don't think it will be a huge loss. Those days are done. I feel my body is adjesting to the food plan and I fear that I will have a plateau soon. I must find ways to push past it and con't moving.

3 LBS away from getting my 25Lbs key chain 'charm' I hope I get it in the next couple of weeks. That would rock my socks!

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