This is a long time comming... again....

After I returned from the vacation of a lifetime (Disney World) I had lost 0.5 of a pound! I was thrilled! After all that walking through the Disney parks and the last night dips in the pool after the parks, it balanced out what i was eatting there. That was the end of May...

I weighed myself on Sunday. I have gained 5 lbs in little over a month! Sick!

It's Go time! Time to stop the excuses. Time to own up to what i have been doing to my body. Time to make a change!

I have started to do weight watchers again. I have all the books from the last time i was on it. I am not going to attend the meetings. Just following the books.

Dennis is still away doing army stuff for a month. It would be nice for him to come back to a 'lighter' wife! lol  :o)


7/29/2012 01:11:52 am

Just a smiling visitor here to share the adore (:, btw outstanding layout.


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