First things first... lost another 1.5 lbs this week! Yay me!

Next, The childrens Place has a nice sale on now! 50% off all reduced items! Picked Nathan up a few sweaters, but they didn't have his size so i got the next size up.

Today Nathan gets his Pre-school pictures taken at school, so last night I was busy giveing him a mommy hair cut andlaying out his clothes. I can't wait to see the pictures.... I wonder what expression on his face he will have..... I wonder if he will smile...

Got some MAC makeup today!!!! See my beauty Blog for that info!

It's Sept 30th today, so that means, tomorow will be OCTOBER... And THAT means HALLOWEEN!!! YIPPY!!!
I lost almost 1/2 a pound at todays weigh in! I am speechles.... How the heck did i manage to do that?!?!?

This week was a bad week......oh no no! Don't get me wrong! I had a nice week with my family and work wasn't bad either.... I was just naughty. I left my diet at the begining of the week only to return to it today. My weigh in is tomorrow and It would be a Miracle if I were too lose anything this week. I don't want to get my hope up because i was bad..... very bad! I know in my hear that I gained. But I will NOT let this week stop me from continuing on the rest of my weight loss! I have been feeling the benifits of my loss. I have more energy for Nathan, my skin is getting clear of zits ( Yes even 28 year old still get them!) and my left ankle isn't cracking as much (caused by an old fracture.)

Just to give you a run down of some of my badness: Chocolate cake, pastries, bananna cake and Mc Donalds.....yikes!

It will allow myself this one bad week . Today is a new day and I plan to stick back to my diet!

This past weekend Nathan and I went to the mall a couple of times. We got his Halloween costume. He will be a dragon. I picked up a some pants and shirts for him. Also got some Halloween stuff for the home.... I chose halloween items that weren't so scary. I want Nathan to enjoy Halloween and not thinkof it as a very scary event. I'll save the best for when he's older...*Evil Laugh*
This will be a fast little post! Got my order of Glamour Doll Eyes eyeshadow in the mail yesterday. I placed my order when GDE had it's customer Sale. Eyeshadows were 1/2 price. I ordered 20 pigments and got a free lip gloss of my choice. I chose a purple gloss!

I will play with the colors a bit then give a full review on my beauty blog! I love getting new makeup to test and play with!

You can check out the GDE website by clicking HERE!

On another note.. I lost another 1.3 Lbs!!! Total of 25.5 lbs gone! I am so happy that i lost this week. Last week I have 2 birthday shindigs to attend. Erica's birthday get together was on Friday at her place. We had pizza, cake, chocholate strawberries, caramel apples (made by moi!), Smartfood Popcorn... fruit...ect...ect...ect... and i ate!

On Saturday, i had a few cookies that were given to me from my clients (Wedding makeup i did on Saturday), went to the movies and had some popcorn.... then went to Chilli's and had some Honey Chipotle Chicken Crispers, with corn and i subsituted the frieds for veggies!.... then i had more cookies...


I did well with my diet this week. I still lost and got to sample some goodies that i have been staying away from. I noticed that I left most of the icing on the cake because it was making me feel a little sick. I guess my body is changing for the better. It's starting to know what it wants and likes the food that keeps it healthy!