Last year I came across a little book called The Hunger Games. I fell in LOVE with the book!

It reminds me of a rated 'R' movie called Battle Royal. It's a asian horror movie about a group of grade 9's kidnaped from a school trip and forced to battle eachother to the death. The ones how have kidnapped these are non other then the Govenment.

Anyhoo, enough about Battle Royal.... back to The Hunger Game..
Movie comes out March 23, 2012. I hope they don't butcher it! I would like to see it be given a "A" rating and not just a "PG" rating. I would like to see a little blood and gore.

-Gore Whore aka. Sharon
ok, I admit it. I did feel a sense of loss while I was seating in the movie theater before the show started.  My mom to the right of me, my brothers to the left. We put our brave faces on. Has it really been 10 years since the first Harry Potter movie came out? It seems so long ago when I read the first Potter before the movie came out. I was hooked from the first book! It was clear to see how a little book character named Harry Potter became such an icon.  The underdog won! The little whimpy guy won. The sub-consious nerd with the roound John Lennon glasses - who was lost but now is found...wins. That is somthing I am sure we can all relate too.

Harry Potter and the dealthy Hollows Part 2  did not disapoint. It was a end to a series loved by many and respected by all. Sad to see the ending of a decade.

So long Potter..... I look forward to shareing your booked and movies with my son...when he's a little older....

After the first week of dieting, i have lost 2 lbs! Woot woot! I'm mid wy throught my second week and I hve lost another 2.2 lbs! Total of 4.2 lbs in 10 days!! But that's not my official number since the week isn't over yet...

I have got into a nasty habit of weighing myself everyday. That is somthing I want to break away from. It shouldn't be only about the number. I want more energy so I can keep up with my son. I have been doing well. Everyday is a reminder of the person I used to be.

I used to sit at my desk and down a whole chocolate bar.. (sometimes two!!) in no time! I would just eat to feel full. I chewed so fast that i never 'really' enjoyed what I was eatting. I don't like that about myself. I am trying to change that. I am trying to do somthing about it. I want to change. I need to change.

On a different note, Nathan and I are doing a walk for Autism on Oct 16th.
I have raised $235.00 so far.

You can ready our storys on the following links:

This is a long time comming... again....

After I returned from the vacation of a lifetime (Disney World) I had lost 0.5 of a pound! I was thrilled! After all that walking through the Disney parks and the last night dips in the pool after the parks, it balanced out what i was eatting there. That was the end of May...

I weighed myself on Sunday. I have gained 5 lbs in little over a month! Sick!

It's Go time! Time to stop the excuses. Time to own up to what i have been doing to my body. Time to make a change!

I have started to do weight watchers again. I have all the books from the last time i was on it. I am not going to attend the meetings. Just following the books.

Dennis is still away doing army stuff for a month. It would be nice for him to come back to a 'lighter' wife! lol  :o)