This weekend was nice and pleasent. Nathan and I hung out the whole time. Saturday we went to Zellers and bought a new stroller for him. His other stroller's foot rest broke off so we got a beautiful nice new red Stroller!

On Sunday I was planning to take him to go see Toy Story 3 but i wanted to find a theater that didn't have it in 3D because I know Nathan doesn't like to wear sunglasses. By the time we got to the movies, we were 15 mins too late so we skipped the movies. I found a great litte place by Eglinton and Warden that is an indoor play ground for kids. It's about $5.50 per kid and the child has to have socks. We were there for a little over an hour then headed home. When we got home Nathan and I painted a flower pot for his uncle Martin and aunt Sue (my brother and sister-in-law) as a little special gift.

The biggest moment was when Nathan made #2 in the toilet!!! He is getting the hang of potty training!!! YIPPY! Mama is so proud!
Nathan is 3. He know what a toilet is. He is just too lazy to use one. He also doesn't let me know when he get's that special pee pee feeling, and sometimes he will tell me AFTER the deed has been done. The weekend July 24-25, Nathan and i will stay home and get some training done! If I don't make it out alive, tell my parents I love them!