I was doing a little Halloween research last week and came across some great spooky treats. Thought i would test it out today to see how it would turn out. I created a Jello treat with a scary edge. As soon as my son say this he called is Monster Jelly.
Monster Jelly
Items needed:
green Jello
candied cherries
chocolate for melting
ziplock bag
bowl to make Jello
chocolate cookies

Each pack of Jello makes 3 small plastic cups. As seen in the picture.
Use about 1 1/2 cookies per cup for a nice head of hair.


1)Melt some chocolate and put it into a ziplock bag. Snip one end on the bag and pipe a creepy grin into the plastic cup. Let that cool and harden. You can also add some stitches to the side of it's 'face'.

2)Prepare the jello and make sure it isn't hot so it wouldn't melt the chocolate drawings. Pour the Jello in. Stick it in the fridge.

3)When the Jello is almost set, poke in 2 candied cherries just above the mouth as eyes.

4)Once it is fully set, garnish the top of the cup with crushed chocolate cookie to make it look like hair.


Lastnight after i went to pick up Nathan after work, we got home and played with my makeup. He likes to stick his finger in my eyeshadow and wipe it on my face. I found some Halloween cream makeup and thought we would have a little fun..

We became cats.

Nathan went on all fours and started to Meow. "I am a kitten" he kept saying. He took one of the laundry basteks and turned it upside down. He was useing it as a cage. his whole little body was under his 'cage'. Heh! It was a fun night!
Here are a couple more clip friends I painted.
Some of you may not have realized that HALLWOEEN will be here in 79 days!!! Ok... some of you may think that still a long time away, but for me, it's time to get into the spirit of things!

Just today it hit me that the summer is comming to an end in a couple of weeks and kids will be returning to school. There will be a crisp chill in the air and everyone will wear their new sweaters and hats. The leaves on the trees will start to turn red, orange and yellow before they fall to the ground.

It's the best time of year!

Just to kick start this wonderful season, I did a little art project.
Just using a large magnetic paper clip, nail polish and a little imagination.

Not only are these little spiders adorable, but they are very helpful! For home or the office.

Happy Haunting!