Zombie Ant

3/28/2011 11:01:46


As everyone knows, human zombies are created when an uninfected human is bitten by a member of the brain-craving undead. But what about ant zombies?

Yes, that's right: ant zombies.

In the South American rainforest, ants have a mortal enemy: the parasitic fungi in the Ophiocordyceps (also known as Cordyceps) genus. These fungi infect ants and other insects, forcing them to do its fungal bidding. For example, a spore-infected zombie ant will climb to a perfectly selected spot in the canopy where it will die. At this point a fungus stalk blooms out of the ant's head; once fully grown the fungus will burst open spreading spores over the area and infecting other ants. Each zombie-inducing fungus species is specifically linked to one ant or other insect species.

The Montauk Monster


Lock Ness Monster


Big Foot

These are just 3 of the many so called beasts and monsters here on earth. Either you are a beliver or not, so many of us are facinated with the possibilities that there are so much that we that we dont understand and that we have yet to discover. I have always loved these great mysteries. Do I believe? Yes.... but not in 'monsters'. The world is so large and vast that everyday we are discovering new species. The sea is so deep that we dont even have the technologies to explore the depts of it fully.  


*Insert evil laugh here*