The best tip for application of foundation is that when you apply it, it should not be noticeable by anyone but you. Foundation should always match your skin tone exactly.

·      You should test the shade of your foundation on your jaw line to ensure that it matches your complexion.

·      While choosing the foundation always keep in your mind that foundations look slightly darker in the bottle.

·      You should blend in the foundation gently with the help of a makeup sponge, foundation brush or your fingers.

·      If you use your fingers to apply your foundation, use your ring finger around the sensitive eye area. By using this finger, you will use less force then if you used your index finger.

·      The right foundation for your skin is that foundation, which disappears into your skin.

·      If you discover that you are between shades then you can blend two foundation colors together.

·      You should tap the foundation on with help of a sponge, finger or foundation brush.

·      You should keep two shades of foundation in your collection. One that is suitable for winter and the other suitable for summer skin.  During rest of the year, the two colors will match perfectly with your skin tone if mixed together.

·      If you want a tan look then you should NOT use a darker foundation but use a bronzer as your last step of make-up.

·      Make sure that you allow the foundation to dry after applying it.

·      If you want heaver coverage, try a cream foundation.

·      You should use lotions or tinted moisturizers for the lighter coverage.

·      The tinted moisturizer works well for summer but may not last as long.

·      In case you find that oil surfaces during the day, you should blot the area with a tissue then apply a light dusting of powder.

·      You should always apply powder to set make-up and reapply throughout the day in order to prevent shine.

·      You should apply the foundation nearly ten minutes after the moisturizer because if you do not allow the moisturizer to get absorbed into the skin.

·      To make your foundation last longer, use a face primer before you apply your foundation.

·      Set your foundation with a translucent powder.

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