Hello Makeup Zombies!

I am a huge Pigment presser. But what about my poor Glitters?? It's such a bother to pack my makeup kit with little bottles of glitter. But now you can press them for easer travel!

Create custom palettes for your friends!

If you are just pressing your Pigments, follow the same steps but just leave out the Glycerin.

You'll Need:
Alcohol (i use 91% it dries faster)
A Small bottle with a dropper nozzle or an eye dropper
Empty clean eye shadow pan 
Piece of jean or pretty material
a quarter

Step one:
Make a mixing medium using the alcohol and the glycerin. 3 parts alcohol to one part glycerin. This means if you use 3 tsp of alcohol use 1 tsp of glycerin. This of course goes in your bottle or jar.

Step two:
Coat the bottom of your pan with your mixing medium. This normally takes about 2 to 3 drops.

Step three:
Add your glitter and saturate it with more mixing medium. You want it to be runny so when it dries down the glitter sticks together better. Repeat the step if nesecsary to fill the pan to desired fullness.

Step four:
Wait 1-2 hours to press. This will ensure that the alcohol has evaporated and that the glycerin has bonded the glitter together.

Step five:
Take your pretty material or piece of jean and lay it on the pan. Press the pan using the quarter. Dont press too hard. You will notice that the cloth will leave a nice pattern of your Pigment/glitter. (You wont see it as much on the glitter)

Step six:
Use it-Time to get creative!

This is pretty straight forward if you already press your pigments. I hope this helps!