Got my order for Sugarpill Cosmetics and I am so impressed. I bought the  Buring Heart Palettte, Heart Breaker palette and the Sweatheart palette. The color pay off is insane!!
I am hitting myself in the head wondering why I waited so long to buy form them!

 I haven't tried my sample of Junebug that I was sent yet, but it looks like it would be a colour that I would use. I will have to buy and try a FEW of their loose shadows.

A+ product and the package is cute.

There are so many things you can do with pigmnets. You can use them as an eyeshadow and mix them for custom colors. But what else can you do with them??

1)Nail polish: mix you pigment into a cheap dollar store clear polish.  You can also add glitter. ( If you do add glitter, make sure your nail polish has 2 sliver balls to mix the glitter so it won't settle at the base of the jar).

2)Lotion: Great for clubing or a night on the town. Mix a gold or bronze color to a body lotion and you will add a nice hint of sparkle to your arms, legs and chest.  Almost like those  Twilight vamps......almost.....

3)Lip Gloss: Add your fave color to a clear gloss! Easy as that!

4)Mascara: Dip yor  wand in color pigment to make a nice colored mascara OR use the colored mascara over your eyebrows to keep up with todays hot trends.

5)Wash out hair color: Stir pigment in with gel or hair wax for an instant punk look.

6) Face Illuminator: Add MAC's pigment in Vanilla to your daily face moisturizer and apply on yor cheekbones, down the bridge of your noes and as a highlighton yor brow bone.

I hope this has given you new ideas on what you can do. Experiment and have fun. Get creative.

The possibilities are endless!!!