Products Used:
MUF HD Foundation #15
MUF HD Powder
MAC shadow:
Push the Edge, Crystal Avalanch, Blanc Type, Sushi Flower, Golden Yellow, Beauty Marked
MAC Taupe Brow liner
MAC Lupe liner
MAC Ripe Peach Blush
Black pen liner
Black Mascara

This look was used to enter Annibell's Makeup Junky's contest.
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If you are intrested in covering your brows for drag, a Halloween costume or just to hide a part of your brows to change the shape.... try these tips!

Here are a few different ways that you can cover your eye brows.

Soaping: Damped a bar of soap. Use your cosmetic spatula to scrape some product up and apply to over your brow in the direction of hair growth until your eyebrows are flat.  Make sure that all hair is covered under a thin layer of soap. Let dry.  Apply concealer, foundation, powder and your done!

Glue Stick: Use a washable glue stick, running it in the opposit direction of the hair.  Once the finer hairs are covered, run the stick over in the direction of hair growth.  Let dry. Scrape some  glue off and place it over the entire area, covering any loose hairs. Let dry. Add your concealer, foundation, powder and your done! (This method was used for the pictures in this blog!)

Derma Wax: Apply wax over the eye brows in the direction of hair growth. Smooth out wax with a spatula making sure there are no bumps and edges are thinned out. Apply a sealer over the waxed eye brow area. Let dry. Appy concealer, foundation, powder and your done!
(Derma Wax is used by morticians to make cadavers look fine for an open caset funeral.)

Nose & Scar Putty: Comes in light, med and dark shades. Apply the wax over the brow in the direction of the hair growth. Smooth out wax with a spatula making sure there are no bumps. Apply a sealer over the waxed eye brow area. Let dry. Apply concealer, foundation, powder and your done!

Tip: When using any of the wax applications, you can apply Spirit Gum (cosmetice glue) to the eyebrow to stick it down and make it smooth. to prep it then apply the wax over. DON'T forget to buy Spirit Gum remover!!!

Saturday Aug 1st I did a makeup trial for a bride and her mother. Her wedding is in September and she wanted to try looks for her wedding. She presented me with a look that she already had done on her before, and another magazine of a model with pink makeup. Since she saw what the other makeup looked like we did the pink makeup.

We played around for a big getting the right foundadtion for her. I used Makeup Forever HD Foundation #15 along with the HD setting powder. Using MAC Sushi Flower, in the crease with  MAC Expensive Pink on the centre of the eyelid, and MAC Naked Lunch in the iner corner and as a brow highlight. It was a light pink look with a custom pink lipstick.

She was glowing!

Her mother had lovley sandy (Inner corner) to deep brown (outter corner) transition eyeshadow with a tawny blush and coral custom lip stick.

Pictures to follow!
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